Robert Henderson

Robert Henderson has been teaching and practising Thai massage, energy work and spiritual healing since 1999.

In his workshop teaching, he helps students see the connection between the accumulated emotional experience of their life and the condition of their physical body today. How unresolved hurtful emotional issues from the past, if left in the body, manifest as specific conditions, such as coldness, contraction, hardness, emptiness, compression, blockage etc. which then affect muscles, connective tissue, internal organs and the nervous system. And it is only by unearthing the original hurtful emotional event can all the resulting physical discomfort be released.

In his private sessions, Robert works with the individual to uncover, understand and release all emotional hurt from the past and he does this in a very gentle way. He can do this because he has worked on his own life issues for many years, going through the phases of ignorance, rejection, fear, anger, blame, deeper discovery, reassessment, understanding and forgiveness. So, now when he works with people, he works from that final position of understanding and forgiveness, bringing his client quickly to the same position in their own life.

It is an expression of the truth that the other is merely a projection of your own self. If you are at the stage of understanding and letting go, you will easily guide your client to the same position:  understanding and letting go. It is only if you are still angry with your life will you lead your client into their anger and discomfort too.

Robert’s forthcoming workshops at Bewusst Sein im Fokus:

September 4-5: Working with emotional, sexual and spiritual energy in massage and bodywork.
November 6-7: Listen when your body ‘talks’. A full description of 20 energy blockages in the body which manifest as physical blockage or discomfort, such as closed hips, tight hamstrings, tight mid-back/trapezius and weakness and pain in the arms, wrists and elbows.

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A session lasts 75 minutes and the cost is €100.

Kursort: Kama, Benedikt-Schellinger-Gasse 32, 1150 Wien