Antara Dakini

Liberation Dance

Awake your free spirit
Liberation Dance is a powerful sacred dancing space for you to reconnect with your inner truth, wisdom and heart and therefore access your highest potential and intuition of your soul. It is a powerful and conscious practice where you will discover the true nature of your divine being. Through movement, breath, sacred smells, sounds, music and the ceremonial intent, Liberation Dance becomes a sacred experience.

We are now offering weekly dances a regular practice to experience stress release, freedom, health, life force, openness, consciousness, peace, clarity, connection and many other qualities that support inner balance. We meet every Thursday evening for a 2 hour conscious dance experience so you can integrate dance as part of your life path.

Our vision is to support your Self Empowerment as an aware human being and to build up a conscious, strong and loving community.

Antara Dakini is Liberation Dance Founder, Moon Dancer and Grounder of Moon Dance Austria Circle, Fire Dancer,  Yoga Teacher and Oneness Deeksha Trainer, Intuitive Healer, Sweatlodge Guide, and Mother of a Shining star.
Antara is guiding most of the weekly dances. Some evenings will be guided by our guest teachers Azuni and Kawajo Ronja.

Liberation Dance in Fokus: Every Thursday 17.09.-17.12.2020, 19:45-22:00, 14x

Costs: One evening: €20,- / All 14 evenings: €210,-

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